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Sea Food

We are assisting world class Indian Fish and fishery product export organizations of repute for the quality assurance and advanced technology to promote and compete with international standard level in world fish market. We also provide supply of large quantities of all kinds of frozen sea food products for export to different worldwide destinations from the leading EU approved plants situated in Indian coastal area (7517 KM ) throughout the year nevertheless the season through our extensive network.

We assist

  • confirmation of the size, price, quantity and packing of the products in demand between the buyer and seller on mutual acceptance.
  • In extending our service for the finality of the terms and conditions before opening L/C and the shipping documents transfer after effecting shipment.
  • Negotiations and settlement in all Deal Disciplines
  • Work on Fair Trade Practice (FTP)(we honor to serve you without any additional service charge)
  • Dedicated for a long term complaint free business between buyer and seller
  • Special care is taken by Minerva Foods in EU approved plants for the safe and sanitary maintenance of
    • Hygienically managed raw material landing area
    • processing and packing area
    • cold storage for finished product
    • Cleanliness In and around plant premises
    • Variety, size, count and weight of the product in packing
    • Containers house stuffed and power plugged within plant premises as well as wharf premises in port until shipment.

We assure

  • Our seafood and cashew products are processed and packed in EU approved plants in India
  • We are equipped with qualified and experienced quality inspectors and technologists in microbiological labs
  • We provide the quality product certified by approved international surveyors on buyer's request
  • We prefer to have an exclusive tie up/ joint venture with interested Importers of Seafood and Cashew on a long term basis ( conditions apply)
  • We are pleased to extend our dedicated service to potential buyers as and when required.
  • We value client's opinion and welcome their feedback that will help us to serve them better.

Our Main Seafood product varieties from Sea catch and Aquaculture

Our Indian Pride- Fish and fishery products.

All kinds of Crustaceans Vannamei, Black Tiger and White Shrimps-HOSO/ HLSO/ PD & PUD, Lobster, Freshwater Scampi
All kinds of Cephalopods Whole and whole cleaned Squid & Cuttlefish/ Baby& Big Octopus
All kinds of Scombroides Seerfish whole & gutted/ Y F Tuna whole and loins/ Indian Mackerel
All kinds of Bony Fishes Silver white pomfrets, Black pomfrets and Chinese pomfrets
All kinds of Fish fillets Fish fillets of Red& white Snapper / Leather Jacket/ Reefcod/ Kuth fish.
All kinds of Ribbonfish products Whole round ribbonfish/ Headless Tailless gutted Ribbonfish
All kinds of Crabs Blue swimming cut crab, Three spot Cut crab (Sea catch) and Mud crab whole
All kinds of Carangids Scad, Horse mackerel), Sciaenids( Croaker), Leather skin, Sardine & Flat fish

Source of supply

  • Mechanized fishing boats / Fishing Harbors in Indian Coastal Line of 7517 KM
  • Deep sea fishing by well equipped Big Trawlers/ Vessels
  • EU approved fish processing plants with International standards

Freezing Methods-Advance in Indian Fish Processing plants having EU approval.

  • Belt freezing for Individually Quick Freezing
  • Cryogenic chilling and freezing
  • Immersion Liquid Nitrogen freezing
  • Blast Freezing
  • Tunnel freezing
  • Plate freezing for Fish Blocks as per buyers' requirements
  • Freezing and packing option as per buyer's choice.

We work on the platform

MPEDA (Marine Product Export Development Authority) and EIC ( Export Inspection Council of India )These two Development and Controlling Govt. Bodies play a major and pivotal role in the implementation and maintainance of HACCP-REGULATIONS in fish processing units in India as a systematic and preventive approach for quality assurance in food products and ensure that every seafood processing unit is having

  • Facility for Its own well equipped laboratory for microbiological analysis by qualified technologists.
  • Facility for Product quality test for Total plate count (TPC) / Escherichia Coli / Staphylococcus / Salmonella / Shigella / Vibrio Cholerae to ensure that the final products are free from pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Facility for Antibiotic residue test within permissible limit for Farmed Shrimps and Fishes. (Aquaculture Products )
  • Facility for Atomic absorption spectrometry ( AAS) Test to measure concentrations of total mercury, total arsenic, lead and cadmium in common edible fresh fish and shellfish
  • Facility for Production Capacity: 15 - 25 Tonnes /day. And Four Multi level cold storages with 40000 Tonnes Capacity.
  • Facility for Transportation of house stuffed finished fish products from plant premises to seaport in reefer contrs.
  • Facility for obtaining certificate of origin and catch certificate by authorized Government bodies in support of the original shipping documents for bank approval in TT transactions
haccp HACCP was first introduced and implemented in Fish Processing plants in India in 1995 as per US FDA Regulations.
HACCP - The systematic and preventive approach for Quality Assurance for safe and sanitary fish processing.

Seafood Exports in India - Scaling New Heights

Estimates of the Marine Products Export Development Authority [MPEDA].
Seafood export from India during 2011-12-, 2012-13, 2013-2014

YEAR Qnty in MTS Value
2011-2012 862021 Tonne Indian Rupees 16597.23 Crores
2012-2013 928215 Tonne Indian Rupees18856.26 Crores
2013-2014 Crossed 1 Million Tonne Crossed US$ 4.5 Billions

MPEDA now targets earnings of $10 billion by 2020

Cashew Nut

India is the largest producer and exporter of cashew kernels in the world. Over 65 per cent of the world export of cashew kernels is accounted for by India. Indian cashews are consumed in 60 countries all over the world, the major markets being the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Germany Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Middle East countries. The Indian cashew kernel is well acclaimed for its good quality, taste and appearance. Regular shipping facilities from India to all ports of the world and Major shipments from India take place through Cochin port. Other ports: Tutucorin/ Mangalore/ Madras/ Bombay. Regular services of container ships are available from Indian ports on India-USA, India-UK/Continent, India-Australia, India-Japan, India-Middle East and India-Singapore routes.

Pricing in cashew nut industry is highly fluctuating in nature therefore a trading and sourcing agent is very essential for an external client to procure right quality product at the right price throughout the year. So we assist our clients for the following attributes,

  • Executing Contracts with Indian clients through FOB or C&F basis.
  • Pricing in international trade in cashew is in US Dollars per lb. Current and forward price quotations in US $ and other currencies are available on request.
  • Business in cashew is done on an offer and acceptance basis between buyers and sellers through Minerva Foods. Prices are subject to frequent fluctuations.
  • The cost of insurance is borne by the buyer.
  • Shipment date, grade, price etc. are to be clearly indicated in contract. Sometimes, exporters offer commodity for shipments up to six months in advance.
  • Export dealings are usually finalised on the basis of the opening of 100% irrevocable and transferable Letter of Credit (L/C) by the buyer in favor of the shipper.
  • The L/C is opened immediately on execution of contract or one month prior to shipment.

Cashew Kernels Export from India

The total volume and value of cashew imported and exported ( 2011 -2014)

YEAR QTY -MTS VAL-Rs.in Crores QTY-MTS Val-Rs.in Crores
2011-2012 811953.0 5382.5 133419.2 4435.62
2012-2013 898540.0 5434.8 105789.3 4127.99
2013-2014 776380.6 4669.7 1122493.5 5178.3

Cashew kernels- Different Varieties and Different Sizes

Ivory white Cashew kernels-Drum Roasted & Oil bath roasted ( whole and broken )
Scorched brown Cashew kernels- Drum Roasted & Oil bath roasted ( Whole and broken )
Desert Cashew kernels- Drum Roasted & Oil bath roasted ( whole and Broken )

Packing Specifications

One Carton containing 1 x 50 lbs ( 22.68 kgs) in flexy pouch
One Carton containing 2 x 25lbs (2x11.34 kgs ) in flexy pouch
One Carton containing 2 Tins of 11.34 kgs Net each.
One Carton containing 2 Tins of 10kg.Net each

Source of Supply

Raw nuts : Approximately 35% Domestic production & 65% Imported mainly from Kenya, Tanzania and Benin Main processing, grading and packing at Kollam & Mangalore Cashew factories in S. India (15 Major groups) Provision for supply in large quantities cashew kernels through ample production throughout the year